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Artificial Intelligence Speaking Engagements

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Jacqueline Tangorra is a highly sought-after speaker known for seamlessly blending professional expertise with a personal touch in delivering tailored reporting solutions. With a track record of captivating over 10,000 audience members in live streams, she shares insights on artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and her experiences as a female founder and CEO in the tech industry. Jacqueline has led webinars for esteemed organizations like NASDAQ and Upwork, moderating panels at AI conferences featuring industry giants such as Google, Twitch, and JPMorganChase. Recognized by media outlets including Business Insider, CNBC, Microsoft, and NASDAQ for her innovative use of generative AI, Jacqueline stands out as a visionary leader in both the AI and business communities, making her an inspiring and insightful choice for any speaking engagement.

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Analytics & Reporting

Our analytics and reporting services enable clients to gain insights into their data and make informed decisions based on real-time information. We develop custom dashboards, reports, and visualizations that are tailored to each client's unique needs and requirements.

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Generative AI Solutions

We offer a robust suite of Generative AI Solutions to help businesses unlock the potential of AI technologies. Our comprehensive services range from identifying the best use cases for Generative AI in your organization to creating a customized AI strategy that aligns with your business goals. We assist with seamless integration and implementation of GenAI into your existing infrastructure, ensuring minimal disruption to your ongoing operations. Moreover, our services extend to the customization and deployment of ChatGPT to enhance your customer engagement. To ensure sustainable success, we provide comprehensive training and education for your teams, equipping them with the skills and understanding needed to effectively leverage GenAI. Regular performance monitoring, model maintenance, and support in ethical AI practices are integral parts of our offerings, maintaining the efficiency and responsibility of your AI systems. Furthermore, our experts work on performance optimization and scalability of your GenAI models, readying your infrastructure for future growth. With OBIS's Generative AI Solutions, you are well-positioned to harness AI's potential, driving improved efficiency, innovation, and a competitive edge in your industry.

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Data Warehousing & Integration

Our data warehousing and integration services help organizations collect, organize, and consolidate data from multiple sources into a centralized location. We use industry-leading technologies and best practices to ensure that your data is secure, accurate, and accessible.

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Business Intelligence Strategy

Our business intelligence strategy services help clients develop a comprehensive plan for leveraging data to drive business growth and success. We work closely with clients to understand their goals and objectives, and develop a roadmap for achieving them through data-driven insights and analytics.

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Data Mining & Predictive Analysis

Our data mining and predictive analytics services enable clients to identify patterns and trends in their data, and forecast future outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. We use advanced techniques and algorithms to extract insights from complex datasets, helping clients make more informed decisions.

Financial Data

Performance Management & KPIs

Our performance management and KPIs services help clients establish metrics and goals that enable them to track and monitor their progress towards achieving their business objectives. We work with clients to develop KPIs that align with their goals and objectives, and provide ongoing monitoring and reporting.

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Data Governance & Compliance

Our data governance and compliance services help clients ensure that their data is secure, accurate, and compliant with industry and regulatory requirements. We develop policies and procedures that govern the collection, storage, and use of data, and ensure that clients are meeting their legal and ethical obligations.

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Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Our machine learning and artificial intelligence services enable clients to leverage these advanced technologies to improve decision-making, automate processes, and gain insights that would be impossible to obtain through traditional analytics. We have deep expertise in these areas and can help clients develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.


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