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Generative AI Solutions

Are you able to generate new ideas and insights to optimize your processes and create new products and services?

What if you could leverage the power of generative AI  to unlock new knowledge and gain a competitive advantage in your industry?

Our generative AI strategy services help organizations leverage the power of AI to optimize their processes and run more efficiently. We start by learning about your technology environment, identifying areas where generative AI tools can be implemented to improve efficiency and productivity. We then develop customized solutions that are tailored to your company's unique needs, and craft a prompt playbook as a deliverable. This playbook outlines how to use generative AI tools to streamline processes, create new products and services, and gain a competitive advantage in your industry.

Our generative AI and prompt engineering strategy & deployment services enable clients to create new and innovative products and services that leverage the power of artificial intelligence. This unlocks new knowledge by providing a deeper understanding of customer behavior, market trends, and industry innovations. By using generative AI and prompt engineering, clients can generate new ideas and insights, optimize processes, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

  1. Identify Use Cases for GenAI: We help businesses understand and identify the most valuable and relevant applications of Generative AI in their specific context.

  2. Evaluate Technical Capabilities and Solution Design Requirements: We assess your current tech stack, data systems, and resources to help you determine the technical requirements and design the right solutions for your Generative AI needs.

  3. Operating Model Design: We guide businesses in creating a strategic roadmap for integrating Generative AI into their operations, including transitioning from their current operating model to a future state.

  4. Vendor Evaluations: We assist in the assessment and selection of Generative AI vendors and partners, helping to prevent vendor lock-in and ensure a best-fit solution.

  5. Implementation Roadmap: We provide a detailed, step-by-step plan for the successful implementation of your Generative AI projects, aligned with your unique business objectives and constraints.

  6. AI Risk Management Advisory Services: We offer expert advice on identifying, assessing, and mitigating the unique risks associated with Generative AI, including potential bias, data security, and privacy concerns.

  7. Governance Framework Design: We assist businesses in creating a robust AI governance framework, ensuring responsible and ethical use of Generative AI while aligning with business objectives.

  8. AI Regulation Guidance: We provide informed guidance on navigating the complex landscape of AI regulations, helping businesses comply with relevant laws and standards, protect their interests, and maintain consumer trust.

  9. Training & Educational Services: To ensure maximum value from Generative AI, we offer company webinar sessions, 1:1 training and coaching support, and create a company-specific prompt playbook based on identified use cases.

  10. Long-Term Partnership and Support: Beyond implementation, we provide ongoing support and optimization services to ensure our clients' Generative AI initiatives remain effective, safe, and compliant over time.

Choosing OBIS means choosing a partner dedicated to helping your business navigate the exciting but complex journey of Generative AI, providing the technical, strategic, and risk management guidance needed to successfully harness this transformative technology.

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