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Omni Business Intelligence Solutions ("OBIS")

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Advisory & Financial Services

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Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra

New York, USA

Jacqueline-Ann DeStefano Tangorra Headshot

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra
CPA, CFE | Founder & CEO OBIS

Omni BI Solutions (“OBIS”) founded in 2021 by CEO Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra, CPA, is a dynamic boutique consulting firm that brings blended solutions to clients in the field of artificial intelligence, business intelligence, and management consulting. Jacqueline’s seven-year tenure at PwC laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial journey–as the leader of OBIS, she has driven the firm to serve over 150 clients across more than 35 industries worldwide. A notable portion of these clients were secured via Upwork, demonstrating her skill in leveraging digital platforms.

Recognized by Business Insider, CNBC, and NASDAQ for her innovative use of generative AI, Jacqueline is also an Upwork Expert Vetted professional, ranking in the top 1% globally. Her academic background includes a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Bachelor’s in Accounting, and two Professional Certificates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology ("MIT") in AI/ML Data Science Solutions and Building AI Products and Services.

Jacqueline's diverse certifications—New York State CPA, Certified Fraud Examiner, Adobe Analytics Professional, Adobe Real-Time CDP Professional, Microsoft Power BI, Alteryx Designer Advanced, Tableau Desktop Specialist, and RapidMiner Machine Learning Professional—highlight her expertise. A three-time published and Amazon best-selling author, her latest work, "AI Can Feel," delves into the poetic fusion of AI and human creativity.

As the founder of OBIS, Jacqueline combines her professional acumen with a personal touch, offering customized reporting solutions. Through data ingestion, cleansing, visualization, and storytelling, she communicates insights compellingly, making impactful contributions in both business and creative realms.

Certifications in Tableau, PowerBI, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform, Alteryx, CPA, RapidMiner Machine Learning
Upwork Expert-Vetted & Top Rated Plus Badges

“Upwork provided endless opportunities to work alongside some incredible clients. I have built long-lasting relationships with these companies, allowing me to create a trusting brand and scale my business.”

- Jacqueline Ann, OBIS

UPWORK: Our Expert-Vetted program helps identify and promote top-level talent. Only the top 1% of talent on Upwork qualifies for Expert-Vetted talent status, and only those in select categories are eligible. These users have gone through a thorough screening process that evaluates technical expertise and soft skills.


Empowering businesses across the world to make informed decisions in the interests of their company's growth based on real-time data.


We embrace creativity to design custom business intelligence solutions tailored to your company's reporting needs, by crafting novel and compelling visualizations from siloed data sources. 

5 Core Values: Transparency, Integrity, Agility, Innovation, Security
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