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Omni Business Intelligence Solutions ("OBIS")

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Advisory & Financial Services

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Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra

New York, USA

Jacqueline-Ann DeStefano Tangorra Headshot

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra
CPA, CFE | Founder & CEO OBIS

Omni BI Solutions (“OBIS”) incorporated in 2021 by CEO and Founder, Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangorra, a New York State licensed Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, and data analyst. Jacqueline started her career in 2014 working as a Financial Auditor at PwC, and then transitioned to Management Consulting within the Customer Transformation practice at PwC, where she led successful projects with enterprise clients as a product owner, dashboard consultant, project manager, all while upskilling colleagues in alliance technologies with Adobe and MSFT. She holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Professional Certificate from Massachussetts Institute of Technology ("MIT") in No Code AI/ML Building Data Science Solutions, as well as the following certifications: New York State Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Adobe Analytics Professional, Adobe Real-Time CDP Professional, Alteryx Designer Advanced, Tableau Desktop Specialist, and RapidMiner Machine Learning Professional.

Jacqueline founded OBIS to provide customized reporting solutions for businesses of all sizes and industries. Using data ingestion, cleansing, visualization, and storytelling, she communicates insights in a clear, compelling, and evocative way. Her unique combination of skills, including her passion for data and background as a published poet and author, allows her to create visually engaging and poetic reports that provide valuable insights and leave a lasting impression on the end user. Through OBIS, Jacqueline is dedicated to helping her clients make data-driven decisions and implement efficient processes based on valuable insights gathered through business intelligence.

Certifications in Tableau, PowerBI, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Experience Platform, Alteryx, CPA, RapidMiner Machine Learning
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“Upwork provided endless opportunities to work alongside some incredible clients. I have built long-lasting relationships with these companies, allowing me to create a trusting brand and scale my business.”

- Jacqueline Ann, OBIS

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Empowering businesses across the world to make informed decisions in the interests of their company's growth based on real-time data.


We embrace creativity to design custom business intelligence solutions tailored to your company's reporting needs, by crafting novel and compelling visualizations from siloed data sources. 

5 Core Values: Transparency, Integrity, Agility, Innovation, Security
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