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Jacqueline Destefano-Tangorra Announces the Launch of Her Poetry Book 'ai can feel'

Jacqueline Destefano-Tangorra Announces the Launch of Her Poetry Book 'ai can feel' - A Unique Lens Into the Relationship Between Humans and Generative Artificial Intelligence

New York, New York--(Newsfile Corp. - February 9, 2023) - Author and technology consultant Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra announces the launch of her new poetry collection 'ai can feel'. This is her second collection of poetry since her first book 'Water Lilies', was released in 2018. The book's official release is scheduled to be held in August 2023. 'ai can feel' endeavors to define and establish a positive relationship between humans and artificial intelligence in the creative space. According to Jacqueline, this is a first-of-its-kind groundbreaking poetry book illustrated entirely with generative artificial intelligence ("AI"). In addition, the book also contains a unique interview with an AI language model offering a constructive analysis of the poems in the book. Through this book, Jacqueline innovatively illustrates how modern technologies like generative AI can be leveraged to make creative imaginations shine brighter and more profound.

Amid the popular hesitancy that AI replaces jobs and creativity, 'ai can feel' provides a new lens to evaluate technology's positive and productive side. The book offers an entirely different and innovative perspective by leveraging AI as a tool to enhance and augment creativity. Jacqueline believes that, instead of perceiving AI solely to replace, humans should allow it to enhance the ability to create.

The book invites readers to consider the ways in which AI may be able to comprehend complex human emotions and thoughts. Being an author, an artist, and a technologist, Jacqueline trains both an AI language model and an AI art model to understand themes of humanity such as faith, life, love, and self-identity to demonstrate the potential of AI in this area.

Jacqueline also provides an additional layer of contemplation for readers through AI-generated images throughout the book. These images offer an exceptional visual depiction of how the AI interprets her poems. The book concludes with a thought-provoking and exciting conversation between Jacqueline and an AI language model, as she challenges it to evaluate her poetry. The AI model explores her intentions of word choice, metaphors, themes, and other poetic devices utilized, ultimately concluding what the poem means to it. In the end, she prompts the AI to write its own poem on its perception of humanity, but in her poetic style.

Jacqueline believes that her book, 'ai can feel' will pave the way for a new relationship to be born between art and technology, and that intersection will be creativity. She also believes that her book will inspire the writing community to leverage AI in enhancing their creative process and artistic imagination, as well as inspire the technology community in creative and novel ways.

Jacqueline notes, "Is the AI truly sentient or is it simply imitating human behavior? This question is at the heart of the book, and my readers are invited to contemplate this as they journey through. My intention is to inspire many in considering how we can leverage AI to draw connections in ways we would have never thought to have done before. I hope my book will encourage people not to be afraid of these emerging technologies, but rather leverage them to their benefit. Simply, 'ai can feel' represents the culmination of that desire."

About Jacqueline

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra is a prolific New York-based writer, technology consultant, inspirational mentor, faith-driven creative, and the Founder and CEO of Omni Business Intelligence Solutions, a business intelligence consulting firm that specializes in creating impactful and high-quality automation and reporting. Jacqueline started her professional career at the age of twenty-two years old when she became licensed as a certified public accountant in New York State. After spending five years as a financial statement auditor, she switched to technology consulting to align with her growing passion for business intelligence and data analytics. Since her initial debut as an author, with her first published book 'Water Lilies' (2018), Jacqueline has continued to use her social media platforms as a community where she shares her poetry to inspire her fans. Jacqueline is always searching for ways to bring her creativity to the table-creating unique solutions for her clients and stimulating perspectives for her readers. Through 'ai can feel', Jacqueline has found a way to connect both parts of her life that trigger her passion-an impassioned writer and technophile, proving that she doesn't have to pick one in order to live in a world that she loves.

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