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"My clients appreciate the ability to focus on the bigger pitcure - AI gives them that freedom."

Updated: Apr 18


While many businesses are only beginning to explore how AI can revolutionize their operations, Jacqueline DeStefano-Tangorra, an expert-vetted business Intelligence and AI consultant on Upwork is already helping her clients integrate AI solutions to tackle industry-specific challenges. Her firm, Omni Business Intelligence Solutions (OBIS), provides clients with tailored technical services and strategic direction related to machine learning implementation and data visualization, developing custom chatbots, streamlining business processes, automating company-wide reporting, and identifying KPIs to measure AI ROI. "My clients appreciate the ability to focus on the bigger picture — AI gives them that freedom."

OBIS excels at providing AI training guides, playbooks, and company-specific webinars that empower clients to make crucial decisions related to AI investments and upskilling. Jacqueline continues to emphasize the importance of human creativity, intuition, empathy, critical thinking, and effective communication when building AI-enabled work products that people can connect with. She offers her Upwork clients guidance on navigating the impact of AI on their businesses. This helps them leverage AI effectively while addressing potential biases and privacy concerns. "Humanity is at an inflection point. Both exciting and challenging to keep up with the expanding applications that AI offers."

Just as new technology is powering business practices that fast-track growth, Jacqueline credits Upwork with expanding OBIS’s reach and success. “Upwork has provided us with endless opportunities to work alongside and build long-lasting relationships with clients. Leveraging the platform has allowed us to create a trusted brand and scale a sustainable business.”

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